A combination of the words 'Ottoman' and 'otostop' (the Turkish word for 'hitchhike'), here at Ottostop the experimental work we undertake is fuelled by a love of travel & meeting like-minded people, taking snaps of roadside discoveries, sniffing out unique treasures, and developing our ideas as we venture far.

Born from a desire to explore and visually promote Turkish culture and village life, Ottostop utilises the handmade method of screen printing, creating contemporary designs which are inspired by natural textures and forms, found objects and rural scenes. As well as designing sweet printed things, we also hold regular screen printing workshops at home and abroad. We are as passionate about spreading the word about screen printing, as we are about  watching novice printers going wild with colour!

The head and hands behind the Ottostop brand belong to a nomadic soul called Leyla, who for years dreamed of spending her days mixing inks and making prints in the sunshine, but decided it wise to explore as much of the world as possible before putting all the ideas she had accumulated, and all the knowledge she had acquired, into starting her own creative business.

Our studio began life as an unloved garden shed in a small village near Fethiye, Turkey. In mid-2015 work began on renovating the space, cleaning away the cobwebs & gecko poo and adding essential amenities & comforts such as electricity and flooring! After months of renovating and decorating in 35+ degree temperatures, hunting down suppliers of printing equipment & products, and having a good, long think about the branding and identity, the shed was transformed into a fully-functioning design studio and Ottostop Design was born.

This is a new adventure for us, we aren't quite sure where we are heading, but if you like what you see & would like to see more, jump in and join us for the ride....

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