Moments from the Ottostop Studio in March

Spring is definitely upon us the cool air and bright sunshine make perfect printing conditions.... it's the perfect time to visit the Ottostop Studio in Yanıklar, Fethiye to try a bit of screen printing, if you're in the area. So far this March we've had Fatma and her delightful little girl Likya join us for an afternoon, followed by Christine who wanted to work on a personal project, an 'agave petula' succulent, and yesterday Vicky came to try her hand at paper stencils.... here's a few shots of the fun we've had the past week...

Likya having fun getting her brush strokes on!

Some spectacular hand painted mono-printed blue banana leaves. Got me feeling all summery!

Fatma concentrating hard on stencil-cutting!

Little hands!

Likya made a gift for her best friend Milay :-)

Fatma registering leaves on her calendar....

Christine and I discussed her personal design and I finalised and exposed the design onto the screen before she attended the workshop. If you would like to print a personal project, contact Ottostop and I'll be happy to help!

Just look at those cards- GORGEOUS!

Tadaaa - nothing beats the excitement of the 'reveal' when painterly mono-printing!

Christine adding some colour variations by hand...

Ottostop convinced Christine to try a totally different colour palette before the session was over.... and the results were pretty....pretty!

Vicky, a fellow Brit in Fethiye, came to the studio yesterday to take part in a half-day workshop.

Both the fig and blossom brand were created by hand-cut stencils....

Ice cream hues...

Vicky adds dabs of pinks on white to give a painterly blossom effect.

Beautiful, delicate, hand cut cherry blossom by Vicky E.

As always, the Ottostop studio in Fethiye is open to visitors whenever we're at home. We offer half-day for those wanting a little 'taste' of silkscreen printing, and longer courses for those wanting to learn the whole process. We can also accommodate visitors from out of town. For more information, please email: