Introducing....... Ottostop's Screen Printing Workshops!


This autumn Ottostop is on a mission.....a mission to promote awareness of screen printing (as an art form) in Turkey, whilst spreading some Ottostop love & Fethiye sunshine to the rest of this beautiful land! Ottostop has spent the past month developing a workshop concept to deliver at various locations around Turkey over the coming winter. As screen printing in the standard sense is quite a fast and mundane process (pulling the same ink over an image hundreds of times) I thought it best to focus on the more creative and unique approach of 'painterly screen printing' where instead of dragging a block colour over the screen, you paint onto the screen as you would on paper or canvas, before pulling the ink or medium over the screen to push the image through. This process is a fantastic way to discover and play with colour relations and brushstrokes, and the excitement and anticipation of lifting the screen to see the result is something quite special.... 

Ebru Gezegen (marble planet)

Bright & bold colour experimentation!

Squeegee time!

The first of Ottostop's painterly mono-printing workshops is titled 'Painterly Planets', inspired by the 'Ebru Gezegen' (marble planet) designs I've been playing with all year. During the 3.5 hour workshop, participants will have the chance to create a selection of 'Ebru Gezegen' greetings cards, before moving on to creating some larger 'planet' prints. On these larger planets we will also add a paper stencil layer (as seen in the pictures below). 

Painterly Ebru Gezegen (marble planet) cards by Ottostop.

An example of one of our student's work. The planet on the right was the first pull with brushstrokes on the screen, the planet on the left is a second pull with nothing applied to the screen. The marbled liquid effect seen on the left-hand planet comes purely from the contaminated ink left over from the first pull.

Paper stencils ; MaeZae in Karakoy will be Ottostop's Istanbul Workshop home in September 2016.

So what to expect?! Participants can expect to leave the workshop with a clear understanding of screen printing & the equipment used, an insight into colour relations, and a bag full of beautifully unique handmade prints to share with family & friends (or keep for yourself if you love them too much!). For more information about Ottostop's upcoming workshops, send us a message through FB or email