Ottostop's November Workshops!

This month Ottostop held workshops in Istanbul at Maezae, in Ankara at Atölye Martı Ebru Studio in Cayyolu, and in our studio in Fethiye.  The theme of November's workshops was Painterly Planet Calendars & Gift Tags. During the workshop students produced a handful of ebru-derived gift tags, a 12-page mini wall calendar and 2 Year Planner Calendars, each decorated with a mono-printed planet.

Here's a few snaps of some pretty moments we captured and the new friends we made... 

Gulcan at Atölye Martı, Ankara, working on her mini wall calendar, each page printed with a totally unique & beautiful painterly planet!

Saturday's workshop at MaeZae, Karakoy, wall calendar printing commences! 

Split fountain screen printing to create a lovely gradient!

Leather accessories designer, crafter and blogger Yagmur Coban (The North Fox / Denemenlazim) getting down and painterly at MaeZae Karakoy....

Some of Saturday's wonderful gang at MaeZae...

 Elif Tanverdi of Cizen Bayan blog creating her Painterly Planet 2017 Year Planner, colours seen below....

Elif Tanverdi of Cizen Bayan blog creating her Painterly Planet 2017 Year Planner, colours seen below....

Colour explosion.....boom!


Gulcan at Atölye Martı with one of her wonderful 2017 Year Planners! Success!

November's students made a 12-page mini wall calendar, each month with a unique mono-printed ebru planet. Sweet stuff!

Funda, owner of Atölye Martı showing Ottostop some snazzy new ebru techniques!

Zeynep from Fethiye, Ottostop's youngest screen printer to date.... impressive printing skills and trainers to die for!

Nikki gets to work on a planet in Ankara!

Impromptu reindeer drying rack - so inventive!

Laura in black and white going wild with colour!

Hot pink, yellow and coral- summer hues in a wintery city!

Ottostop's Aunty Ayse tries screen printing for the first time ever at MaeZae, Karakoy.

Nur gets to work on her mini wall calendar....

Hot pink highlights!

Munire demonstrating Painterly Planet printing to the Saturday crew! Managed to keep her lovely blouse spotless. Skills!

Ankara Atolyesi at Atölye Martı!

Ottostop will be back in Istanbul & Ankara in early-December with a new workshop concept- Christmas Collage Cards, Tags and Book Marks! If you would like any more information about our workshops in Fethiye, Istanbul or Ankara, please keep an eye on our instagram page (link below) or email: