April Workshops - Bodrum & Istanbul

This month saw Ottostop make its screen printing workshop debut in beautiful Bodrum, with a sell-out Sunday afternoon workshop aboard Karen V gulet. Then last weekend we were back in Istanbul at our two homes-from home, MaeZae, Karakoy and Conatiner, Besiktas. I've also welcomed a handful of new students to the Ottostop studio in Yanıklar, Fethiye (more photos of those workshops coming soon).  Here's a few images for your eyes to feast upon... for more information about Ottostop's workshops please email: leyla@ottostopdesign.com  

Beautiful Bodrum- what a great turnout, beautiful people, fantastic venue and lots of sunshiiiine!

Beautiful Bodrum- what a great turnout, beautiful people, fantastic venue and lots of sunshiiiine!

Another wonderful group workshop at MaeZae last weekend!

Another wonderful group workshop at MaeZae last weekend!

TEAM! @maezae

TEAM! @maezae

The Container Crew!

The Container Crew!

On dry land last Saturday at MaeZae,.... Feyza, Irem, Tulu and Cici :-)

On dry land last Saturday at MaeZae,.... Feyza, Irem, Tulu and Cici :-)

Monoprinted Palmiye aboard Karen V gulet, Bodrum!

Monoprinted Palmiye aboard Karen V gulet, Bodrum!

Annie in concentration mode!

Annie in concentration mode!

Still swooning over Irem's pink and mint green colour combo. Summer. Right. There!

Still swooning over Irem's pink and mint green colour combo. Summer. Right. There!

Umit & Alize!

Umit & Alize!

Aylin and her hand-teared stripes stencil @containerbesiktas

Aylin and her hand-teared stripes stencil @containerbesiktas

@neohomosapien kargı faces in Bodrum!

@neohomosapien kargı faces in Bodrum!

Busy on board Karen V gulet, Bodrum.

Busy on board Karen V gulet, Bodrum.

Aylin's prints from last Sunday's workshop in Besiktas, Istanbul @containerbesiktas

Aylin's prints from last Sunday's workshop in Besiktas, Istanbul @containerbesiktas

Munire @maezae is Queen of the Spread! Snickers Cheesecake.... need I say more?

Munire @maezae is Queen of the Spread! Snickers Cheesecake.... need I say more?

@neohomosapien illustrated faces + screen printed motifs

@neohomosapien illustrated faces + screen printed motifs

Coordinated Mel!

Coordinated Mel!

Efe cuts stencils!

Efe cuts stencils!

Stop! Demo-time!

Stop! Demo-time!

Can't beat a squeegee smile!

Can't beat a squeegee smile!

All aboard good ship Ottostop!

All aboard good ship Ottostop!

Pineapple printing in Besiktas!

Pineapple printing in Besiktas!

Container Besiktas busy at work!

Container Besiktas busy at work!

The MaeZae crew hard at work!

The MaeZae crew hard at work!



Feyza and her lil' ebru gezegen!

Feyza and her lil' ebru gezegen!

Annie in concentration mode!

Annie in concentration mode!

Happy Ayse!

Happy Ayse!

Karen adding hand-painted touches to stencilled fish.

Karen adding hand-painted touches to stencilled fish.

Ottostop will be in Istanbul, Antalya and Bodrum during May. For information about those workshops, please email me. Or, if you're in or around Fethiye this summer, come and visit our studio and try one of our workshops! We make nice cake too!

Peace, love & creativity,

Leyla @ottostop

Moments from the Ottostop Studio in March

Spring is definitely upon us the cool air and bright sunshine make perfect printing conditions.... it's the perfect time to visit the Ottostop Studio in Yanıklar, Fethiye to try a bit of screen printing, if you're in the area. So far this March we've had Fatma and her delightful little girl Likya join us for an afternoon, followed by Christine who wanted to work on a personal project, an 'agave petula' succulent, and yesterday Vicky came to try her hand at paper stencils.... here's a few shots of the fun we've had the past week...

Likya having fun getting her brush strokes on!

Some spectacular hand painted mono-printed blue banana leaves. Got me feeling all summery!

Fatma concentrating hard on stencil-cutting!

Little hands!

Likya made a gift for her best friend Milay :-)

Fatma registering leaves on her calendar....

Christine and I discussed her personal design and I finalised and exposed the design onto the screen before she attended the workshop. If you would like to print a personal project, contact Ottostop and I'll be happy to help!

Just look at those cards- GORGEOUS!

Tadaaa - nothing beats the excitement of the 'reveal' when painterly mono-printing!

Christine adding some colour variations by hand...

Ottostop convinced Christine to try a totally different colour palette before the session was over.... and the results were pretty....pretty!

Vicky, a fellow Brit in Fethiye, came to the studio yesterday to take part in a half-day workshop.

Both the fig and blossom brand were created by hand-cut stencils....

Ice cream hues...

Vicky adds dabs of pinks on white to give a painterly blossom effect.

Beautiful, delicate, hand cut cherry blossom by Vicky E.

As always, the Ottostop studio in Fethiye is open to visitors whenever we're at home. We offer half-day for those wanting a little 'taste' of silkscreen printing, and longer courses for those wanting to learn the whole process. We can also accommodate visitors from out of town. For more information, please email: leyla@ottostopdesign.com

Antalya gets Tropical in March!

Last Sunday (19th March) saw Ottostop drive over those big, ol' snow-topped mountains to beautiful Antalya. Mask Bar in Kaleiçi was our home for the day. Thanks to Bilge, Ayşe and Leyla for coming to print with us, and to everyone else who stopped by to say 'hello', what a colourful & fun afternoon we had :-) ...


Leyla getting to grips with silkscreen printing....

A lovely bit of urban decay in Kaleici.


Ayse, Bilge and Leyla :-)

Ayse, Bilge and Leyla :-)


Bilge's lovely crows on palm print

Paper stencil

Leyla's fabulous neon collage card

Printed envelopes!

Painterly banana leaf

Beautiful accidental composition- a test print scrap that I will forever treasure!

For more information about future Ottostop Workshops, email: leyla@ottostopdesign.com

March's Istanbul Tropical Workshops....

With Ottostop just about unpacked and settled back in the studio following the big India adventure, I thought it would be nice to cling onto some tropical vibes, and make a pile of screens featuring India-inspired motifs for the next run of workshops in Istanbul. March and April's workshops will feature palms, banana leaves, cacti, pineapples and of course... crows! With lots of bright hues!!! We'll be combining these motifs with hand cut paper stencils, and I've a few different textures to place the stencils upon....

Ottostop has more workshops coming up this month, both at brand new cities.... in Antalya (Sunday 19th March, 2pm at Mask Bar in Kaleci) and Izmir (at Nish Creative House, date and time TBC).

Here's some snaps from this weekend's Istanbul workshops on Saturday 4th at MaeZae in Karakoy and Sunday 5th at Container in Besiktas....

Aslı and Yasmin brightening up Saturday morning with HOT PINK crows :-)

Ottostop's experiment with paper cut stencils...

Cake, candles and coffee for Yasmin the birthday girl :-) 

Always fine dining at MaeZae!

Blue hand cut stencil stripes with a bright red palm motif!

As surprise birthday gift of an Ottostop workshop for birthday girl Yasemin!

Stripes and muz leaves!

Colour, colour everywhere!

My first twin students, Dila and Cana (in no particular order!!!)  :-)

Aslihan's gorgeous printed envelope! 

Love this colour combo!

King Alfie of Karakoy...

Love this shot! ...Dila and Cana!

Ozlem printing pink in pink :-)

Ozlem printing pink in pink :-)

Container, Besiktas on Sunday afternoon.

Ottostop celebrated 1000 likes on Instagram on Sunday!!!

Efe's torn edge eye stencil is one of the best first-time stencil experiments I ever did see! Gorgeous!

Anna busy printing away at Container on Sunday...

Anna busy printing away at Container on Sunday...

Book binder Anna had quite an impressive production line going on at Container on Sunday- just what I like to see!

Efe registering crows!

Anna places the second layer of sprinkles on her pineapples....

A big thanks to everyone who came to print this weekend, as usual I made a bunch of wonderful new friends and some pretty neat things were cerated!

The Ottostop studio is now taking bookings for weekend courses from April onwards. If you'd like more information about our Fethiye printing courses, or information about our upcoming workshops in Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir, then email leyla@ottostopdesign.com

Ta Taa, Kochi!

With my stay here in Kochi almost at an end, I'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has attended a workshop at Viakerala, Lilly St. 33 pairs of hand from near and far have gotten to grips with squeegee-pulling and taken away some pretty sweet printed things, and a sound understanding of the basics of screen printing. Here's a few snaps from the past three workshops, along with a little montage of all your gorgeous faces and prints! See you later in the year for more printing adventure. Peace and love, Leyla @ottsotop.

Sajana shows off her epic 3-colour overlaid coconut palm print, so funky!

Sajana from above!

Friday's female posse on the steps at Lilly St.

Shruthi's pile of pretty work!

Meena concentrating hard...

Meena's fabulous prints :-)

Shruthi against the Malayalam mugshot wall!

Meena's blue vs yellow palm print...

The last of the crows!

Reethika and lil' Zoya, hot pinking around!

Nabeel, Reethike, Marcus, Zoya and Ottostop in a kurti!

Nabeel test printing away....

Big hands, little hands...

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, such a fine emblem.

Zoya's house boats on yellow palm finished with a baby pink handout stencil print!

Family time!

Gotta grab the twins and hold on tight for a photo!

Sunday's super-squidgy little hands and feet came courtesy of beautiful baby Eva!

Table moment...


Papercut stencil plus crow!

Work work work work work....

Crows-to-crows. Beak-to-beak.

Handcut stencil fun....

The final shot on the steps at Viakerala for this run of workshops, without Blessy who had to escape with baby Eva!

Farewell Fort Kochi! See you in December 2017!

It's getting hot in here....

The Good Ship Ottostop is about to embark on its final run of workshops here in wonderful Kochi, before I drag my (heat-exhausted, mosquito-devoured) feet back to the cooler (hurray!) climes we call 'home'. Here's my pick of the prettiest moments captured last week. Thanks to Jennifer (Croatia via Rome), Prakeeth & Tina (Studio Kokaachi, Kochi), Ana (Portugal via Germany). Mridula (Kochi) and Angad (Pune) for attending and being star students (and coping with quick drying inks!).

When the heat is drying inks in record time... you've just gotta roll with it!

Pratheek, Jennifer and Tina :-)

Pratheek, Jennifer and Tina :-)


Another workshop over, another table to clear!

Malayalam and crows!

A faded murder of crows...

Angad getting to grips with registration....

Ana the multitasking queen!

Test prints...

Saturday morning's crew- Angad, Ana and Mridula!

Angad's hand-held exhibition....

Ahoy, maties, time for snacks!

Mridula busy printing.

Mridula busy printing.

A blue murder of crows.


We're holding workshops tomorrow (Friday 10th Feb), Saturday 11th Feb (class full) and Sunday 12th Feb (spaces available) - email: leyla@ottostopdesign.com to book your place! This will be your last chance this season... but, we'll be back the same time next year for more printing fun in the palm-shaded sunshine :-)

More moments of creativity, colour and concentration at Ottostop Workshops!

Another week has passed and another two workshops have happened in the (slightly warm!) back room at Viakerala, Lilly Street, Fort Kochi.... including a Republic Day special kid's class with Meenu, Jennifer and Eric, all first-time printers and all harbouring some extra-impressive creative talents! Here's some of my favourite snaps from this week...

Mr. Squeegee!

Eric, Jennifer and Meenu proudly show off the results of spending Republic Day learning new skills!

I have acquired a plate! A banana leaf- looking plate to be precise! How snazzy?

Mr. Bobbin bending and scrubbing!

Meenu delving into the world of abstract art! A first for her!

Graphic designer Anthony goes into the Malayalam 'mugshot' hall of fame!

Boyoon selects a hue that matches her lips! Love this!

Boyoon's prints!

If you would like to book a space at next Saturday mornings workshop (that's Saturday 4th Feb 2017) then drop us a mail at leyla@ottostopdesign.com and I'll send you more details!

Ottostop Workshops....India style!

If you're in Fort Kochi in the next week or two, and would like to try out screen printing and make some unique art prints, postcards & gift tags, then come on down to one of our Saturday morning workshops at our good friend's beautiful design store, Viakerala (Lilly Street, Fort Kochi). If you are a groups of 3 or 4 people, and Saturday isn't convenient, drop me an email at leyla@ottostopdesign.com and we can arrange a workshop on another day. Here's some snaps from the past 3 workshops we've held. Crows, palms and samosa are the flavours of the day! 

Snacks included!

Crow on hot pink!

The Viakerala design team show off their creations!

Stick No Bills

Because two hands are never enough!

Getting to grips with things...

Follow the yellow signed road!


More hot pink!

Saturday Sistas!

OOOooo the suspense...

On fire!


Running away from the winter blues... into Indian hues!

Ottostop is staying true to its nomadic roots this winter and has temporarily relocated to its old stomping ground of Kochi, Kerala, while I work on some new designs, catch up with old friends, and generally avoid the winter blues.

The last two weeks of 2016 I completed a coast-to-coast South India bike tour with www.mountainbikekerala.com, cycling 1000km in 13 days from the east to the west coast of South India, and getting ample servings of temples, tea, spicy food and two-wheeled conversations with other two-wheelers along the way! Many photographs were also taken....

Jasmine garlands and bike helmets.

Green on green.

The colours of thali!


Day 1, fish market on the east coast, our starting point for the coast-to-coast South India bike tour.

Banana plant


Andre's talipot palm, Auroville, Pondicherry

Roadside fruit stall, Tamil Nadu

Red sugar cane, Tamil Nadu

Coconut palms on the backwaters of Kerala

Coconut palms on the backwaters of Kerala

The beautiful red lipstick palm :-)

So, for the next month or so, I'll be based here in Kochi, battling mosquitos whilst working from the studio of good friends www.viakerala.com , and using all this fantastic colour & nature inspiration to design some new prints & pretty things for 2017. I'll also be collaborating with Viakerala, doing what we do best.... workshops (!!!!) at their beautiful flagship store in historical Fort Kochi. If you or anyone you know is traveling South India at the moment, and would be interested in attending an Indian-style Ottostop workshop, drop me a message....chai and samosas are of course included!

Ottostop's Final 2017 Workshops - Collage Christmas!

Last weekend saw Ottostop hold its final workshop run of 2017..... group workshops were held at our gorgeous home-from-home MaeZae, Karakoy and a sweet new venue, Moda127 in Kadikoy. The theme of this month's workshops was, somewhat predictably, Collage Yılbaşı / Christmas cards.... & more!

After a demonstration and lots of practice at mastering the pulling technique (and cleaning technique!), students were free to choose from a selection of motifs and colours, and create their own range of cards, gift tags, book marks and a year planner calendar. It was lovely meeting more curious printers up in the 'bul.

Ottostop is now taking a break from workshops and heading to India for a couple of months, to hide from winter, bask in colour, develop some new products, and plan for 2017, which we are sure is going to be more fabulous than 2016! 

MaeZae printers in da hood!

Luftiye focused on the task in hand at MaeZae!



Monday night creativity at Moda127!

Loving this colour combo by Lara :-)

Octupus arms needed!

Thanks to everyone who has attended our workshops, and to the support of all our lovely venues. We'll be back for more at MaeZae and Moda127 in March, follow @ottostop on Instagram for more news...